By architect’s eyes, we see what is hidden to others ….

Our know-how lies in the ability to find the hidden potential of the property, which we exclusively represent or search for the clients. We use the knowledge of real estate market in the exclusive surroundings of Prague 1 in combination with architect’s expert opinion and consulting, which our estate agency ARCH ESTATES Ltd provides as a bonus to its clients included in the usual commission. We have extensive experience with V.I.P. clientele.

In practice, it often happens that due to lack of care and incompetence of real estate agents remains potential of a property completely hidden to buyer or seller. This cannot happen with us. Often it’s possible by a simple construction adjustment adapt apartment, house or plot to the exact needs of the buyer (the more expensive locations, thus this approach is more valuable). Such adjustments mean for the seller greater appreciation of the property (eg. edit disposition 2 + kk to 3 + kk, flat extension, built-in floor, help with building permits, etc.).

The purchase price and planned investments must be advantageous for the buyer – however, renovation may not be realized by the seller, but only its proposal significantly raises the potential of the property on the market. Property with the proposal of appreciation attracts the attention of more potential buyers (who then proposed adaptations do to their cost).

In other words, we can present your property in the market both in the current state and also in the state after a possible “construction adjustment appreciation.” When we look for our buyer clients a suitable property, we will extend the list of suitable properties of those that meet the customer’s requirements after the “structural adjustment rewarding.”

In any case, the seller is always recommended to properly prepare a property for sale, so do minor works (eg. cleaning, painting, adding fancy decorations, etc..). These seemingly small things to great degree also increase the chances of a successful sale … The steps we are able to not only recommended, but also provide them.

A similar principle can be applied to the common areas of apartment buildings (eg free attic, basement with no access from the street, etc.). Even such spaces we are able to adapt for a commercial lease.

Naturally, our services include the professional legal service, assistance with setting the usual price of the property (for the buyer and also seller), ensuring law and notarial custody, communication with the relevant authorities, handover of the property, after sales service, etc.. In short, everything needed for the smooth sale and purchase, so that the effort has led to a successful end.

Remember that the sum of sale price and investment in construction can then be significantly lower than the cost of a ready-made property that meets client’s expectations.

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